New research paper published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Congratulations to Jennifer Rohrs, Ph.D.!
April 18, 2018
New research paper published in Biophysical Journal
September 18, 2018
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Congratulations to CSBL Ph.D. student Jess Wu whose latest research has been published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface!

The paper, entitled “In silico mouse study identifies tumour growth kinetics as biomarkers for the outcome of anti-angiogenic treatment“, presents a computational model of tumor-bearing mice to investigate the response to an anti-angiogenic drug that targets the potent promoter of angiogenesis, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). The model is applied to perform a large, virtual (i.e., mathematically simulated) study in which tumor growth is predicted in 2,400 in silico mice with different tumor growth characteristics. The simulation results show that certain growth parameters can serve as prognostic biomarkers for survival. Such a large-scale study is infeasible to achieve using animal models. Thus, this work complements preclinical trials and demonstrates a robust, quantitative approach for identifying prognostic biomarkers.

The paper can be viewed here: