New research paper published in Biophysical Journal

New research paper published in Journal of the Royal Society Interface
August 22, 2018
CSBL awarded five-year NIH grant
October 1, 2018
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Congratulations to CSBL graduate Dr. Jennifer Rohrs, whose latest research has been published in Biophysical Journal!

The paper, entitled “Computational model of chimeric antigen receptors explains site-specific phosphorylation kinetics“, describes a robust computational model applied to explain the mechanisms underlying phosphorylation of chimeric antigen receptors (CARs). We also present novel experimental data for the phosphorylation levels of specific tyrosine sites on the CARs. In the future, this mechanistic insight about the CAR phosphorylation levels could be applied to better engineer CARs that are phosphorylated more quickly and to a greater extent and hence more optimally activate T cells for therapeutic purposes.

The paper can be viewed here: