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February 6, 2018
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February 11, 2018
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Congratulations to CSBL Ph.D. candidate Jennifer Rohrs, whose latest research has been published on the bioRxiv pre-print server!

The paper, entitled “Computational model of chimeric antigen receptors explains site-specific phosphorylation kinetics“, describes how we have used phospho-proteomic mass spectrometry and mechanistic modeling to analyze the phosphorylation of the CD28-CD3ΞΆ chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). We find that the different tyrosine sites are phosphorylated independently and with different kinetics. Further, our simulations explain how protein binding and catalytic activity are involved in enhancing CAR phosphorylation. Overall, the study explains important experimental observations and provides new mechanistic hypotheses that may be relevant for guiding follow up analyses in the development of CAR-engineered cells.

The manuscript is currently under review for publication in a journal.

The pre-print can be viewed here: