Prof. Finley authors children’s book about Data Science

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October 9, 2022

Professor Finley was part of an initiative by the Joint Educational Program in the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science and the publisher Room to Read. The goal of this effort was to create a collection of informative and illustrative children’s books with the help of scientists of color, exploring topics ranging from polar science to gastroenterology to nanotechnology. Books that feature diverse scientists can inspire readers to consider STEM opportunities and interests. The books are available in English and in Spanish – digital copies of the books are freely available on the Room to Read website and each of them has a lesson plan that elementary teachers can teach with in conjunction with the books.

The 10-book series includes: Data Science, Engineering, Gastroenterology, Marine Biology, Nanotechnology, Occupational Therapy, Oncology, Polar Science, Surgery, and Virtual Reality.

Professor Finley wrote and was the featured scientist in a book about Data Science!

Dr. Finley participated in two book assemblies, including one where her book was featured. She helped distribute the entire 10-book set to hundreds of children and read her book aloud to the students. It was an amazing outreach event.

The books are sure to inspire future generations of scientists from diverse backgrounds!

Prof. Finley reading the Data Science book