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March 20, 2018
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April 12, 2018
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Congratulations to CSBL Ph.D. student Jess Wu, whose latest research has been published on the bioRxiv pre-print server!

The paper, entitled “In silico mouse study identifies tumor growth kinetics as biomarkers for the outcome of anti-angiogenic treatment“, describes a randomized in silico mouse study to investigate whether tumor growth kinetic parameters could be used to predict the outcome of anti-angiogenic treatment. The model predicts that the ratio between two kinetic parameters, k0 and k1, which characterize the tumor’s exponential and linear growth rates, as well as k1 alone, can be used as prognostic biomarkers of population survival outcome. This work demonstrates a robust, quantitative approach for identifying tumor growth kinetic parameters as prognostic biomarkers and serves as a template that can be used to identify other biomarkers for anti-angiogenic treatment.

The manuscript is currently under review for publication in a journal.

The pre-print can be viewed here: